AfricanMango900 Your weight loss recipe

  • improves metabolism
  • curbs appetite
  • gives the feeling of satiety
  • decreases LDL
    cholesterol and blood sugar level
  • helps lose weight quickly
  • reduces body fat

AfricanMango900 is a revolutionary supplement that boosts your weight loss process. The secret lies in its natural composition, which is based solely on an African mango extract.




African mango is a fruit belonging to Irvingia gabonensis. This plant grows in Eastern Africa and is the nourishment source for the people living there, because of its tasty and protein-rich flesh. What is more, research have also confirmed the slimming effects of African mango fruits.

With AfricanMango900 you will burn the excess fat accumulated in your body. These capsules with African mango extract can be taken without fear, because they are completely safe!

AfricanMango900 is a true specialist in the fight against those unwanted pounds.
AfricanMango900 was formulated on African mango fruit beneficial substances. These fruits are rich in fibre, which makes us feel full.

You can control your weight way easier. In addition, it prevents snacking between meals.
AfricanMango900 has a positive effect on your body. This fruit extract stimulates the hormone, sugar, and glyceride level in your blood. You will lose weight as well as minimize the risk of developing diseases caused by increased sugar and LDL cholesterol level in your blood.

African mango has already helped lots of people
in their arduous weight loss process.

Now, it's time for you!

AfricanMango900 is based solely on natural ingredients. It was prepared with great precision, therefore, we guarantee a top quality product. In its formula there are no artificial or harmful substances. The powerful African mango extract sheds pounds really quickly.
In the recommended daily dose there is up to 900 mg of PURE extract from mango fruits!

If you care about your health and want to feel good in your own body - this product is made for you. With AfricanMango900 you will have it all!

Weight loss specialists find AfricanMango900 really helpful in fighting obesity and excess weight.

I am a dietician for almost 10 years. Every day I examine patients who have problems with excess weight. Their stories are very much alike. At first, they manage to lose some weight, but when coming back to their old eating habits the yo-yo effect is what they observe.

When a product fully benefitting from the natural strength of African mango extracts became available on the market I have recommended it to everyone, both men and women, who struggles with excess weight. I am not experimenting on my patients, I recommend only safe supplements. AfricanMango900 is the supplement I am always prescribing to my patients. It hits the source of the problem precisely. No more snacking between meals. AfricanMango900 curbs appetite and as a result reduces weight. There are people who have shed several dozens of pounds. Surely, it all depends on your body and its reaction, but I can confirm these results. Further examination of my patients, who have completed the weight loss treatment, shows that they no longer have problems with the increased bad cholesterol and blood sugar level. Also the girth of their thighs and belly is significantly smaller. You can finally see them smiling and satisfied with the slimming results.
Dietitian and nutrition specialist

Research confirm the effectiveness of AfricanMango900

Qualitative research of AfricanMango900 were conducted on a group of 100 people. Half of them was regularly taking a daily recommended dose of AfricanMango900 for 2 months, the rest was given a placebo.

The observed measurements of adipose tissue compared to the decrease in weight, as well as the survey conducted among the respondents regarding their appetite and eating habits, gave a quantifiable view proving the high effectiveness of the product.

Taking AfricanMango900 twice daily boosted the weight loss process, curbed appetite and controlled metabolism. People using capsules with the powerful African mango extract lost their weight on average about 8.27%. Interestingly, those taking a placebo lost on average only 1.46% of their weight.
Get rid of the unwanted pounds.Gain the figure you have always dreamed of – without a strict diet and restrictions!
improved mood greater self-confidence normal blood sugar
and cholesterol level
reduced weight
and appetite
slim figure no side effects
30lbs IN 2 MONTHS
BEFORE: 160lbs AFTER: 130lbs
Dorothy Jacobs, 39 years old

I lost weight really quickly and with no yo-yo effect. To me, nothing can be compared to nature, that's why I prefer to take a product with only one ingredient without additional enhancers. I attach my before and after AfricanMango900 treatment photos.

26lbs IN 3 MONTHS
BEFORE: 196lbs AFTER: 170lbs
Kris Mobby, 27 years old

Order AfricanMango900 if you're looking for an effective fat burner. For me it really works. The 3 packages that I ordered were delivered very quickly and made me extremely happy. Even my girlfriend shows my present day photos to her friends!

19lbs IN 1,5 MONTHS
BEFORE: 152lbs AFTER: 133lbs
Annie Massie, 26 years old

My excessive fat made me buy AfricanMango900. Before my GCSE exams I put on weight heavily, more than 20 pounds. It was incredibly hard to get back to my “teen” body. I was into dietary supplements when at college and I'm deeply convinced these capsules curbed my appetite and helped me lose some pounds.

Safety Buying the product via this webpage you can be sure the product you'll get is 100% original, effective and safe.
Effectiveness guarantee We are sure about the effectiveness of our product, therefore, we will return your money for each unopened AfricanMango900 package, if only you'll find the effects of a treatment not satisfactory enough.
1. How does AfricanMango900 work?
AfricanMango900 is multitasking. It accelerates metabolism, makes you feel full and curbs your appetite. In addition, the product reduces the level of bad LDL cholesterol and helps lower the blood sugar level.
2. How many capsules are in one AfricanMango900 package?
There are 60 capsules in one AfricanMango900 package which is enough for a month.
3. How AfricanMango900 should be used?
It's recommended to take 2 AfricanMango900 capsules daily with lots of water.
4. Is AfricanMango900 safe?
The natural extract form African mango fruit is the one and only active ingredient of AfricanMango900. No side effects have been observed. However, the supplement isn't intended for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and those under the age of 18. Do not use the product in case of hypersensitivity to any of its components.
5. Do I have any kind of a guarantee?
We deeply believe in our product's effectiveness, therefore, we give you a 100% money back guarantee. If the product doesn't meet your expectations, we'll pay your money back for each unopened package.
6. Where can I buy AfricanMango900?
You can buy AfricanMango900 via this website as well as on Ebay. We offer the lowest prices for the top quality products. At the same time we supervise every aspect of their distribution so you can be sure the product you get is the original one.
7. How long will I be waiting for the parcel?
In the UK orders are delivered by a reputable courier service. Ordered goods will be sent to you within 1-2 working days from placing the order.
8. Is it possible to ship abroad?
Certainly. For foreign orders we require a credit card payment.
Don't hesitate, get your AfricanMango900 for free now and start losing weight!
  • loss of pounds
  • better well-being
  • optimal cholesterol and blood sugar level

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